Maintenance Tips: What to Know Before Owning a Water Feature

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Koi Pond

Adding a water feature to your front or backyard does not only make the whole landscape look more appealing; it also provides a valuable water source for other living creatures. The moving water’s calming sound can immediately transform the place, making it more peaceful and serene. However, all these benefits will not last long if a homeowner does not know how to maintain it properly.

Here are the essential things to know if you plan to have garden water features in your home:

The Basics: What to Watch Out For

A homeowner maintaining water features in their home should regularly check for the following:

  • Cleanliness: Is the water you are using still clear and free from any form of debris? The water can become polluted, produce a foul odour, promote algae growth, and attract insects if not taken care of. 


  • Water level: Is the amount of water still the same? Or does it need refilling? Nowadays, you can purchase equipment that can automatically replace the water when needed. It is perfect for those who cannot always attend to their water feature’s needs.  


Things to Remember for Pond Owners


Maintaining a pond will require a lot of work. If you plan to have a pond, you should invest in quality materials or equipment first. Having these ahead can significantly lower the amount of work needed to keep your pond in good condition. 

Also, some plants and fish do not go well together. Consider your choice and place any plants on floating islands so the fish cannot immediately nibble on them. 

Important Notes for Your Garden Pond

  • Location: Aquatic plants can help control the growth of algae. If you are also growing aquatic plants, you need to make sure that your pond is placed somewhere with adequate sunlight. All plants need at least five hours of daily sunlight to grow and thrive.


  • Water flow: If you do not want to disrupt your plants’ growth, your water should also be still. Too much turbulence can disturb floating plants, like water lilies and lotuses. If you want to add a waterfall to your garden pond, place it somewhere far from your plants.


Important Notes for Your Koi Pond

  • Structure: Koi fish will need enough space for them to grow healthy and avoid predators. Make sure the pond is at least three feet deep and holds a minimum of one thousand gallons of water. 


  • Filtration System: You will need to provide two filtration systems for your koi pond. One is for maintaining the quality of water inside the pond. It will ensure that fish waste and other debris in the water are extracted from the pond. The second one will store beneficial bacteria. These bacteria can help convert toxic chemicals into harmless compounds. 


  • Aeration Device: You also need to take care of the oxygen within the pond. The bigger your pond is, the more you will need an aeration device or a waterfall to circulate oxygen around the water.


  • Chlorine Treatment: Part of taking care of fish is ensuring that the environment is healthy enough for them to grow. When certain chemicals enter your koi pond, they can change the water’s pH level and negatively affect the growth of your fish. Make sure your water has a variety of minerals in the right balance. 


Water features can be demanding when it comes to maintenance. They will require regular observation, specific equipment, and chemical treatment. As the owner, you can be proactive and try to keep your garden in good condition the best way you can. Still, getting routine service from a professional landscape technician can help ensure that all the equipment in your water feature is functioning properly. With proper care, you will enjoy your water features for a long time and reap more benefits from it. 

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