4 Smart Tips to Protect Yourself From Landscape Contractor Fraud

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One great way to make use of your time as we endure this crisis is to redesign your yard. After all, seeing your home’s new look after the makeover and watching new flowers and plants bloom in your backyard can surely uplift your spirits. 

As you prepare for this exciting project, it’s essential to do your research on landscape ideas. Aside from that, however, it could be beneficial to know about the process involved in landscaping your space—especially if you have a big project. Planning thoroughly will ensure that you achieve the look you desire, but most importantly, it protects you from various contractor frauds! 

To help you find a trustworthy and reliable contractor to help you with your project, here are some tips you can follow: 


1. Ask for Referrals 

If you have a friend or relative who has recently hired a landscaper for their yard, it’s best to start with them first. List down the companies they recommend, ask what projects they worked on, and inquire about how the service was delivered. Aside from these basic questions, you should take the opportunity to ask them other questions you may need to know about your potential contractors.


2. Visit Their Website 

Another smart practice is to check the contractor’s website for more information about the services they provide. Usually, they include their services and expertise, as well as customer reviews, so read up as much as you can about them. 

Furthermore, most professional and reliable contractors include their portfolios and past experiences in their respective specialties. If you’re still not convinced, you can look them up in search engines to find non-regulated reviews left by other customers. 


3. Beware of “Awesome” Deals 

If a random contractor appears in front of your door or calls you over the phone offering a deal that just seems too good to be true, be smart and don’t fall for it. This is an old trick used by fraudulent contractors to take advantage of unwary homeowners and gain money. 

Always remember that not everything that glitters is gold! 


4. Don’t Settle with the Cheapest Contractor 


If you’re on a budget, going with the contractor with the lowest rates may seem like the smartest decision to do. However, you should know that the ones with the lowest price are likely to use low-quality materials and provide poor services. You may be cutting down on your costs, but you are most likely setting yourself up for some major stress and frustration with their inferior service. 

The smart way to go about this is to gather as many quotes as you can. Compare the services that each business provides and consider the rates involved. Additionally, don’t forget to consider the information you got from your research. 

Take all of these factors into consideration rather than just looking at their prices!



Giving your yard a makeover is an exciting project, but you need to take certain measures to ensure that the renovation goes smoothly. That said, it’s a smart idea to follow the tips mentioned above to protect yourself from expensive contractor frauds and to achieve the beautiful landscape you want. 

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