4 Important Fall Season-Related Lawn Care Tips – Our Guide

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Fall Season-Related Lawn Care

Your lawn care during the fall is crucial to keeping the outdoor part of your home well-maintained. It enables you to showcase the beauty and stylistic qualities of your home. You just need to know what to do to maintain your lawn during the fall. Fortunately for you, this article has just what you need to do so! 

This article will discuss lawn care tips that are commonly associated with the fall season. The main goal is to have a spectacular outdoor space worth showcasing and bringing new life to your home. 

  • Use your lawn and design it for your enjoyment

Lawn owners like you must remember that an unused lawn is lawn care done in vain. We aren’t merely suggesting that you use your lawn for outdoor activities. We mean that you should maximize the space for different opportunities, such as home improvement, investing in your property’s resale value, and other related ventures. Through this, it will help you appreciate your outdoor space and find ways to tailor it to your needs and preferences. 

As such, design a lawn that is worth caring for by partnering with lawn construction experts like our team at Classic Landscapes. We offer the best landscaping company in Winnipeg to provide you with the perfect outdoor space. 

Our ergonomically designed, stylish lawns enable you to keep your outdoor space well-maintained during the fall just before the cold months start. That way, you can enjoy your lawn with your family just before winter, and also be prepared to have snowball fights in your winter-prepared lawn. 

  • Be attentive to raking your leaves 

Leaves and dead twigs can fall on your lawn, which can accumulate on your lawn. You need to be wary about this since it can rot and attract pests to your home, such as ants and other insects. Foliage can also cause bald spots in your lawn since it blocks grass patches, restricting their growth and access to the sun. 

When you see leaves on your lawn, rake them up immediately. Dispose of them or make a soil compost to develop healthy soil for gardening. You can also hire professional lawn maintenance services to rake all the leaves efficiently and keep your lawn well-mowed all fall season long. 

  • Take the time to aerate the soil 

You need to aerate the soil on your lawn to allow air, water, and other nutrients to permeate and nourish the grass from its roots. Doing this will also allow you to have a greener, more lush lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. It also enables you to better use your greenery by pairing your healthy lawn with fall season-ap[propoirate plants, such as hyssops and camellias. For an effective soil aerator, use a professional lawn aerator or hire lawn maintenance to do this process properly. 

  • Use fertilizer on your lawn

The use of fertilizer allows you to keep your lawn going strong and healthy. It also enables you to prepare it for more plants or to condition it for fall-related activities, such as outdoor play with the kids or a friendly game of soccer. Use lawn maintenance-recommend fertilizer and other products to maintain your lawn during the fall season. 


Lawn care during the fall may be tedious but manageable if you know what you are doing. There are also ways to reimagine and beautify your lawn space all season long. Concern yourself with the formerly mentioned tips and take advantage of your lawn space today. 

Are you ready to spruce up your lawn with the best landscapers in Winnipeg? Consult with us at Classic Landscapes for high-quality lawn design and construction services to improve your outdoor space all season long. Contact us today to fall in love with your new lawn! 

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