3 Landscaping Tips for Creating a Winter Wonderland

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With winter in full swing across all parts of Winnipeg, it can be quite difficult not to feel the holiday cheer kick in because of how abundant the snow is for this year. Well, unless you’re a homeowner with a whole lot of maintenance-related worries on your mind! 

Although the level of snow can vary depending on where your home is in the Manitoba capital, dealing with the effects that are settling in will always be difficult. Whether it’s over the process of shovelling snow out of the driveway or defrosting your windows, the so-called “magical” wintertime can raise a few frustrations and problems for homeowners. 

Although the most wonderful time of the year can come with sweat-inducing and mind-numbing tasks, you shouldn’t forget that it’s also the best time to get creative. Yes, you read that right: now is the perfect time to start turning things around by bringing out your creative side and working on your winter landscape!

A few tips to help you spruce up your landscaping this winter

Despite the fact that dealing with the often-harsh Canadian winter can make for a rather unforgiving experience, it’s also vital to consider that times like these make for the best landscaping experiences. Let’s now look at some of the most helpful tips that you can use to keep your landscape looking as beautiful as possible:

Tip #1: Get acquainted with the idea of snow management

Although most homeowners see snow as a nuisance that comes once a year, having the same mindset won’t do any good for your winter landscaping efforts. 

Instead of seeing snow as the “enemy” in this situation, you can actually use it as a tool that will allow you to easily bring the best out of your final finish for all the right results. By picking up and moving piles of snow from your driveway to the borders and trees in your garden, you can turn mounds of white into supporting visual elements with finesse! 

Tip #2: Keep watering your flora

Among the different times of the year where your plants need water the most, the wintertime is the most urgent when it comes to flora hydration, even more so if you want to keep your landscaping beautiful.

Contrary to popular belief, plants, shrubs, and grass don’t get moisture from snow because the temperatures simply aren’t conducive enough to make for easy absorption. However, watering your plants, as usual, can counteract the harsh effects of the colder climate so that everything remains to look great!

Tip #3: Bring in the services of a landscaper

Keeping everything nice and pretty during the wintertime is a task that can’t be DIY-ed as much as anyone could ever hope because of the complicated matters involved. Fortunately, you can keep your landscape in great shape and maintain its allure long until summer rolls around by letting a team of experts like Classic Landscapes take care of everything for you!


No matter how difficult the wintertime can be, you shouldn’t let the dread of shovelling snow and thawing different parts of your home make you forget that now is the perfect time to get creative with your open spaces. With the three tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to effortlessly and effectively create that winter wonderland for your family to enjoy!

If you’re looking for landscaping companies in Winnipeg that can handle your winter landscaping needs with ease and expertise, look no further because Classic Landscapes is here to help. Get in touch with us today so that you can learn more about our services and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!

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