3 Creative Ways to Landscape Your Lawn Even without Grass

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A well-maintained lawn can complete your dream home. With the lovely flowers, trees, and shrubs growing in your yard, you can have a picture-perfect garden that can boost your property’s aesthetic appeal, uplift your spirits, raise your house’s value, and improve your security and privacy by reducing potential hiding spots for thieves. 

While a well-manicured lawn is a great addition to your property, keep in mind that it requires constant and proper care, attention, and maintenance. There can be various causes for your landscaping woes, such as landscaping without grass, but the good news is that you can easily resolve them by reading and following the steps below:

Get drought-tolerant plants

Living in a drought-prone area should not hinder you from growing healthy plants. You can still enjoy a beautiful landscape without grass to save water by turning to our skilled landscapers in Winnipeg. We advise you to implement xeriscaping techniques, and some low-maintenance plants that can thrive in drought conditions that we can add to your lawn are ornamental grasses, succulents, cacti, and inorganic mulch.

Choose plants with an aesthetically pleasing foliage

Grass needs a powerful light source to grow healthy. If you are worried about having a shaded yard, you can still have a thick, lush lawn by getting shade-loving plants with beautiful foliage. Instead of choosing flowers, it is best to go for native plants as they can adapt well to growing in the shade. Furthermore, they need only minimal maintenance and fertilizing.

You may also opt for low-lying plants that grow less than 12 inches tall. The best way to have them is by planting them all on their own or in between taller plants. Another great idea is turning your lawn into an outdoor haven by adding brick pathways or stone pavers and sitting areas, such as hammocks or benches. To make your space even more attractive, consider adding trellises, garden art, and bird fountains. You may rely on our company that specializes in landscaping in Winnipeg to help you address your landscaping needs.

Add perennial plants to your garden

Front yard landscaping without grass and planting on nutrient-poor soil is made possible by growing perennial plants. These plants can withstand drought, heat, poor soil, and humidity, such as bleeding hearts, periwinkle, lenten roses, and blackjack sedum. 

If you need a helping hand in getting these plants and making them thrive, don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted landscaping company such as ours. We have the knowledge, skills, experience, tools, and equipment to help you have a gorgeous garden even with various problems in the plant’s living environment.


Landscaping your yard is a worthwhile investment that you and your loved ones can benefit from for many years. Whether you have a shaded yard, poor soil, or drought-prone area, you can address all these landscaping concerns and still maintain a pleasing lawn even without grass by keeping in mind and following the tips mentioned above. When hiring landscaping professionals, make sure to hire only experts from an established landscaping company.

If you are searching for a reliable landscaping company in Winnipeg for your residential landscape needs, feel free to turn to us. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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