Winnipeg Landscaping Tips & Tricks

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More often than not, our yards are the last areas we have in mind when we are renovating our homes.

But with summer already here, it is high time to begin thinking about those late nights with a wine or beer on your backyard patio, roasting some marshmallows over your fire pit, and even grilling up some tasty burgers after a relaxing day at the nearby beach.

Given the short summer season, we have to maximize the few warm months as much as possible. Having a Winnipeg landscaping expert can help us transform our backyards into perfect spaces during summer.

While huge landscaping projects can become expensive and even complicated, here are some tips and tricks on how we can make them ideal for the summer season.

New patio furniture

Get comfortable outdoor furniture that is functional, something that would entice you to spend your time outdoors. Think of how ways how you can use your outdoor patio furniture. For instance, if you prefer hosting large gatherings, you might want to get a table that can seat as many as six or eight persons. You can also have some smaller seating areas.

If your yard is more suited for more intimate gatherings and more focused on family fun especially with the children, you might want to consider pieces that match the playtime antics of the kids, maybe some chaise loungers, or even a small firepit that can allow people to sit around it.

Evergreen shrubs and bushes

These evergreen shrubs and bushes can be maintained without the extra attention. In addition, they can look nice 24/7.

You can take advantage of one sunny weekend and plant these shrubs around the front or back yard. These shrubs can also provide you with some sense of privacy from your neighbors or can help you hide some problematic fencing.

Planting these evergreen shrubs and bushes can be an inexpensive way of adding greenery to one’s yard and definitely improve the curb appeal of one’s home.

Do not forget to create a pathway

If there is a chance you have a huge yard but with only a few places to hang out, you might want to create a path to enable people to navigate or walk around the yard. This is also a good way to keep your home’s grass from being trampled upon every time you have a visitor.


You may want to add solar lights to keep the yard well-lit even after the day gets dark. The proper lighting can add ambiance and make the yard safer during the later evening hours.

Flower bed border

A stone or brick border can keep flower gardens fresh and neat.

Consider building a berm

You might want to consider building a berm (essentially a small mound) so you can plant trees or make a rock garden. This can be a great way of adding a point of interest to your home and your yard. With a berm, you can boost the appeal of your home’s outdoor living space in no time.

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