Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for a Landscaping Project

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Spring has always been associated with new beginnings––that and major cleaning around the house. It’s also the best time to give your outdoor living space a new look. It certainly deserves such treatment after the harsh winter it had just endured. In fact, it is highly recommended to do not only some outdoor spring cleaning but also to start on that landscaping project, so you’ll have ample time to transform your yard for the coming summer. 

Before calling your trusted Winnipeg landscaping experts, you should know why it’s best to have a landscaping project in spring:

You Get Your Outdoor Space Cleaned Sooner Rather Than Later

If you get your landscaping done early in spring, you won’t have to see the mess winter has left for much longer. Also, by starting early, you can be sure that your outdoor space is ready for summer. Even when you can’t get the landscaping done just yet, you can at least start prepping it by clearing your yard of any debris. 

You Don’t Get Caught in the Summer Rush

You want to make sure that you are at the top of a landscaper’s client list before it gets too long. As you should know, summer is a busy season for the landscaping industry. Don’t make the mistake of booking at the last minute because if you do, it’s almost certain that you won’t get your landscaping done in time––that is, if you even find a company that’s not fully booked!

You Get to Experience Less Disturbance

Starting a project in early spring means there will be less disturbance later on. By then, the holiday celebrations are over, and summer activities are a few weeks away. This is why the timing is perfect for doing any home improvement project, whether it is for your interior or exterior, like beautifying your outdoor space with a new landscape design. 

You Will Have a Better Selection of Plants

If you want to have access to the best plants, you need to get your landscape done as soon as spring starts. During the designing stage, your landscape artist will show you some options for the plants, and you can choose the ones you want. If you do it late, the plants that you want may already be unavailable because of how many people are doing landscaping projects when it’s almost summer. 

Additionally, many plants are still in winter dormancy during the first few days of spring, so they can be safely relocated if needed. 

You Get to Enjoy Your New Outdoor Space When Summer Arrives

When you schedule your project early, it will be finished right in time for summer. As such, you and your family can enjoy the warm weather in your brand new outdoor space!

You Have a Higher Chance of Getting a Discount with a Spring Project

During winter, landscaping companies don’t get a lot of projects, so as soon as spring kicks in, they’re ready to get working again. This is why they often offer discounts or special packages during this season. With this, you can take advantage of those offers to get an even better deal!


As the benefits mentioned in this article indicate, spring is indeed the best season to get your dream Winnipeg landscaping done. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is, whether you simply want to add some new plants and lighting or have some water features installed. In the end, you should work with a reliable landscaping team before they get overbooked!

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