4 Effective Tips to Nurturing a Green Lawn for the Home

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green lawn

Having a uniformly cut, bright green lawn is a great asset to any home. It is inviting, uplifting, and refreshing. However, you may only see this on your neighbours’ front lawn since they spend time doing tasks to maintain their impressive landscaping. They may even have lawn maintenance experts accomplishing everything for convenience. Fortunately, you too can have a greener lawn instead of being green with envy! Consider the following tips: 

Never underestimate the power of watering your lawn

Watering a lawn may not be something you think of immediately due to the daily temperate climate bringing rainfall and other forms of water to plants. However, it does not mean foregoing watering altogether. In fact, it may mean an irrigation system should be installed and other technological lawn solutions to gauge watering rates and optimize growth. This approach will result in a green lawn and ensuring it stays that way all year round. 

One of the things you do have to be mindful of with lawn watering is weeds, like crabgrass and duck grass. They are considered enemies of healthy grass growth because they steal water, soil nutrients, and sunlight. Therefore, remove all weeds to avoid wasting time and resources while maintaining a watering schedule. You may have to use some gardening tools at this stage to eliminate all weeds. 

Dethatch your lawn 

For many experienced homeowners with long-time vibrant lawns, they know about the thatch, which is a layer of dead grass lying above the lawn’s soil, composing of stolons, rhizomes, stems, and roots. While it may seem harmless, it can suck out the healthy byproducts when it gets too thick by half an inch. The good news is you can simply use a core aerator or vertical lawn mower to get the job done fast or consult with professionals immediately. 

Place a “Keep off the grass!” sign

When people yell “Get off my lawn!” there is a misconception that they are just angry and need to get a grip. In reality, they are more concerned that it affects the grass since high foot traffic results in soil compacting. It leads clay fragments to clump together into tight solids, especially when they are wet. Once the sun hits the lawn, the grass chokes up and dies due to the clay layers. Therefore, get a “Keep off the grass!” sign and remind others about this. 

Stick to your fertilizer schedule 

If you want thick, healthy lawn grass, fertilizer is a must to develop the soil’s natural nutrient production qualities. It also boosts the local ecosystem hidden underneath the grass, meaning you can expect a well-kept, sustainable outdoor space. What you do have to be mindful of is the fertilizer types, especially since most of them are made of chemicals, which harms the environment. Use all-organic products instead. 


Maintaining a green lawn is a great start to enhancing the house’s exterior features and boosting landscaping capabilities. It can also be a chance for you to be more environmentally conscious by nurturing other plants. Just remember all the tips mentioned above. Meanwhile, if you need more help with your outdoor spaces, consult with experts like us! 

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