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Our Process

One of the most common questions we are asked is how the whole process works from start to finish. Every customer and every project is unique and being a small family owned company we are able to cater to each persons individual needs. There is however a common basic timeline to the process and it is as follows:

Step 1: Free Estimate / Consulatation Meeting

The first step is to set up a free estimate/consultation meeting. During this meeting we meet at the potential job site with you, discuss ideas, provide direction, and come up with a fairly accurate idea of what the project will look like. If it is a fairly small project we may know exact details at this stage, if it is a large project in need of a design we will be able to give an accurate estimate but will need to refine details during design stage. If available, it is helpful if you have a lot drawing or survey certificate available during the initial meeting. 

Step 2: Proposal

Within one week of our free estimate/consultation meeting you will receive a written proposal by email. Our proposals are broken into work areas so you can see what costs are associated with different parts of your project. This allows you to select only some portions of the proposal if you wish or to break the job into multiple stages. Our proposals are also very detailed with specifications so that you can see the quality of the materials and construction methods being used and so that there are no surprises. If required along with the proposal we can supply free rough hand drawn layout sketches to provide clarity on design, but the final design is refined in design stage. Our proposals include terms & conditions and serve as a contract if we are hired. Once a proposal is finalized and signed we collect a 20% deposit and book an approximate start date. From here if it is a small project that doesn't need a design we would move directly to installation. If it is a larger project requiring a design we would move to design phase. 

Step 3: Design Phase

During this phase we take your proposed project, and refine the details into a plan. All projects over $15,000 qualify for free design services. For projects under $15,000 there would be an additional charge for design services if they are required. Lots of projects that are smaller in size don't need a full design package though, and in a lot of cases some complimentary hand drawing will do. We work with a digital program for our designs  so we are able to provide full colour 2D plans along with 3D images and walkthrough videos so you can see your project before its installed. Most of our design work is done in house, but we do work with several other design experts that consult on specific areas as needed. Once an initial design is complete we can make revisions as needed and move on to installation.  

Step 4: Installation

Now its time to make plans a reality! Before starting the installation we collect a second 20% deposit. We install our projects using methods and specifications that exceed industry standards to ensure a quality installation. We are a small family run company so even during install phase we work closely with you every step of the way to ensure things are going as you would like. Installations times vary greatly by the size of a project, but we don't open multiple sites at a time if we don't have to, so your project will be completed as efficiently as possible. We work hard to keep a clean and safe job site so at the end of every day a good clean up and sweep is done.  

Step 5: Final Meeting

Once your installation is complete we set up a final meeting. During our final meeting we do a walk through the site with the customer to go over any questions, provide maintenance instructions, and finalize any outstanding details. We also collect the final 60% of payment at this meeting.