7 Myths About Landscaping: Everything You Need to Know

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What’s stopping you from doing a landscaping project? If it’s because you hear some common myths about landscaping, then this article is for you. Discover the truth behind these myths and start creating a successful landscaping masterpiece.

1. It would be better for plants to receive more sunlight in cold climates

Some plants like peonies can withstand the cold weather as they have a “chilling requirement.” They are also not required to be overly warm during winter. There are times when excessive wind and sun can damage the plants, and not the cold itself.

2. Wild plants are similar to native plants in landscaping

Keep in mind that “wild plant” is different from “native plant.” In the Western Hemisphere, native plants are those that were grown in pre-Columbian times. However, not all plants that grow in the wild, such as dame’s rocket, can be considered native plants. 

3. You need to fertilize a tree that looks like dying

When a tree starts to look dull or the green foliage becomes brown, there can be several causes. You need to check if it’s irrigated properly, if pests are attacking it, or if it’s under mechanical damage. Unfortunately, fertilizing the tree will not solve such issues.

4. Cutting the grass too short to prevent doing it frequently

When you decide to cut the grass as short as possible when mown, it can harm your lawn over time. You will be frustrated that you will need to put extra money, energy, and time into repairing it in the long run. You need to learn how to cut your grass properly to take good care of your lawn.

5. Ensure that all your planting is completed in spring, or you have to wait for next year

This is actually restricting what you can achieve when landscaping. You don’t have to rush or be too stagnant when planting for your landscaping project. Know when each plant should be planted because some of them are seasonal. The point here is to find an excellent time to plant trees.

6. Lawn should be watered every day 

This is indeed a landscaping myth. It is essential to remember that there are plants that should not be watered daily. In your intention to save them, overwatering can harm or totally destroy them. 

Another reason why you should not water frequently is that you will encourage the grass to grow a shallower root system. 

7. Never mind the look of leaves on your lawn since you can rake them anytime you want

A lawn filled with dry leaves can be unpleasant to the eyes. Often, they are a complete mess. It would be better if you regularly rake the leaves to keep your overall landscape a nice view to look at.


Don’t fall for the common misguided beliefs about landscaping. Every landscaping project deserves the proper care and attention to keep the lawn and plants nice and pleasant to the eye. Not because you heard that something could be bad or good for your landscape, you will apply it at once. Starting a landscaping project is fun, but it can be tedious. It doesn’t hurt to ask for professional landscapers to take on the project!

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