Landscape Pond Maintenance by Season: A Guide

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Having a well-maintained garden in your home provides you with a place where you can truly unwind and create precious memories with your friends and family. Adding some clear, calm waters to it with a backyard pond, on the other hand, adds a touch of peace to your busy life. 

While a landscape pond can offer you and the people dearest to you some tranquillity, this can cause stress to you as well since it requires regular maintenance. This maintenance routine highly depends on the size, location, content, and construction of your pond. Feel free to use this article as your guide and follow the crucial steps below to keep your landscape pond in tip-top condition at all times:


Landscape Pond Maintenance


  • Winter



  • Keep an air hole open



During winter, your pond is prone to freezing due to low temperatures. Keep the water moving slowly to protect the fish and release toxic gases by keeping an air hole open with an air stone or a bubbler. You may also reach out to our landscapers in Winnipeg in case you need further assistance in maintaining your pond in winter.



  • Place some ball or wood on your pond’s surface



Protect the pond by letting some ball or wood float on the surface of your pond. This works by absorbing pressure, which prevents the ice from expanding.



  • Spring




  • Drain the pond if needed



Your landscape pond accumulates muck, dirt, and other materials over time. To get rid of these, clean the bottom of the pond by draining it and hosing it down the liner.



  • Repair any leaks



If your pond has leaks, make sure to locate and patch them properly with a pond repair kit. This will prevent ongoing water loss and protect the fish. Let our reputable landscaping company in Winnipeg help you achieve this with a regular maintenance routine. We can fix any leak or imperfection in your pond and replace any parts if necessary.


  • Summer




  • Test the water chemistry



Keep the water on your pond clear, clean, and safe for the fish by conducting a water chemistry test weekly. Use a kit for ammonia, chloramines, and chlorine to determine if the water has an excessive amount of harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the fish.



  • Trim and clean plants



Plant debris can make your landscape pond unclear and unclean. Keep your pond well-maintained by removing dead flowers and leaves, getting rid of overgrown plants, and trimming bushes around your pond. 



  • Fall




  • Remove fallen leaves



Trees in your backyard can provide you with comfort and shade, but when they surround your pond, this can cause it to appear unattractive and cluttered. Get rid of fallen leaves in your pond with a net and secure the netting using rocks or bricks.



  • Reduce fish feeding



Digestion in fish slows down when the water temperature gets low. As the season approaches winter, reduce feeding to prevent the fish from dying from undigested food.



Whether you own a large, small, aboveground, or in-ground landscape pond, it’s vital to maintain its good condition. Remember the tips mentioned above and conduct a proper maintenance routine regularly. Depend only on an established landscaping company when you need help in keeping your pond’s great shape.

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