Homegrown Goods: 3 Benefits of Growing Your Own Produce

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home grown produce

The damage dealt by the COVID-19 virus isn’t just on people’s lives—in fact, its long-lasting effects have even dealt a blow to an already fluctuating economy. Because of this, produce prices are constantly shifting, making things even more difficult for the average consumer.

Basic foods like potatoes and dried beans are becoming difficult to find in groceries. Even if they’re present, there’s a high chance that these food items have an absurdly high markup cost due to lack of supply! Thankfully, homeowners don’t have to rely on the market to receive fruits, vegetables, and even some spices. Homeowners who know how to utilize their lawn can turn into effective survivors throughout the pandemic’s stay.

What’s the benefit of growing your own fruits and vegetables?

Growing your own food isn’t a relatively new concept. There are plenty of homeowners who convert their lawns to grow their very own tomatoes, potatoes, and everything in between. Besides adding a more dynamic feature in landscaping, it also provides sustainable food items that lower your expenses during food runs.

The pandemic’s not leaving anytime, which is why your survival needs can be a bit pricey if you stick to market prices. Thankfully, you can transform the extra plot of land you have to be a sustainable source of local-grown food items. Outdoor gardening comes with various benefits, especially when considering your daily dose of nutrition.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons you should convert your lawn into a produce garden.

1. Eating locally-grown produce is more nutritious

Unless you’re nearby actual farms, you never really get a ‘fresh’ selection when buying products from the market. This is because these food items go through a rigorous gathering, packing, and shipping process that goes through different logistic channels! By the time you see these vegetables in market aisles and food stalls, they’ve already lost a chunk of their healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

With your own produce garden, you can pluck fresh vegetables and consume them straight away without losing much of their nutritional value. Additionally, using your produce for meals ensures that these food items are free from harmful chemicals and additives.

2. Having a garden keeps you active within your property

Part of the pandemic’s effect is the restrictions of face-to-face interactions. Although vaccinations are underway, it’s important to remember that you can still pass along the virus to others who aren’t vaccinated. For this reason, it’s still advisable to remain indoors unless you have essential tasks to accomplish outside.

Maintaining a garden is no easy task, especially if you’re growing ingredients for your next meal. Tending to your own vegetable garden prevents you from having to visit the market too often while giving you some much-needed exercise. It’s an excellent way to keep your mind and body busy even without leaving your property!

3. Growing your own vegetables reduces your monthly expenses

The best advantage of growing your own vegetables is the financial expenses you’ll save. Transforming your lawn, added with a little bit of patience, lets you cross out several items on your grocery list. This will contribute to more savings for you and the family to purchase other essential goods. It’s a worthy investment that will be advantageous to your household, even in a post-pandemic world.


Embracing the versatility of having a lawn is a great way to generate outside-the-box solutions to simple dilemmas. Instead of giving in to the expensive market prices of vegetables, growing your produce garden gives you plenty of options to work with. Although it can be a bit of work, the right landscaping company can transform your lawn into a healthy plot of land to grow any produce on.

Converting your green spaces into a garden isn’t a simple task of dumping fertilizer on your lawn. This is why you need to hire landscaping experts near your area to ensure its proper execution. If you need a professional landscaper in Winnipeg to help you grow your own produce, contact us today!

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