Home Improvement: How to Install Your First Deck – Our Guide

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wooden deck on a house

Home improvement projects are an excellent way to give a fresh new look to your house. Although it’s cheaper to improve your interiors, there’s no better way to show off your home than with a stunning outdoor installation.

Backyard decks are versatile house extensions that can expand your living space and diversify your yard. It’s a valuable investment that opens different doors for other home construction projects in the future.

A first-timer’s guide on building a deck

Building a deck can be a challenging task, especially since it’s an outdoor project. If it’s your first time with a project of this scale, you may end up committing expensive mistakes.

In this article, we will share a six-step guide on how to build your first backyard deck.

1. Consult with local building codes

Like any exterior renovation project, you should always consult local laws and building codes for your deck’s scope and limitations. Different localities have varying rules on the area that a backyard deck can occupy. Typically, a deck blueprint around 10×10 and over 2 feet above the ground will require a building permit. Don’t progress to the next steps unless you’re sure that you’re starting on a home extension project legally.

2. Plan your project ahead

The best time to have a finished outdoor home extension project is around summertime. For this reason, you should plan your construction calendar properly to avoid any delays or complications. Try to contact as many home builder companies so that you can compare quotes and receive suggestions on your current building plan.

3. Settle on your budget

Figuring out your budget will help you settle on the purpose and design of your deck. It’s an effective way to put a price ceiling on your project so you won’t end up overspending for the wrong materials. You should ask your building contractor the materials and labor fees included in the quote.

4. Decide on your deck’s purpose

While coordinating with your building contractor, they may ask your purpose for the outdoor deck. Is it for entertainment, leisure, gardening, or something else? Depending on your answer, your contractor will give you considerations on how you can go around its construction. They will provide you with suggestions on deck designs and materials that can help you match your vision to your needs.

5. Plot the location of your project

When settling on your deck’s purpose, you should consider if its location fits your intended purpose. If you’ll use it for sun tanning, maximum sunlight exposure requires you to account for surrounding buildings or trees. If you have a spacious backyard, you can opt for a freestanding deck to match your needs. This is a popular option for people who want to construct a deck around other outdoor installations such as backyard pools and flowering beds.

6. Choose your materials

Remember that your construction project doesn’t always have to follow traditional rules. Although wood is a standard option for decks, you can explore different materials to match your home’s aesthetic design and deck’s purpose.

For wood alone, you already have plenty of options to choose from like Ipe, Western Red Cedar, and mahogany. More adventurous options such as composite materials and deck tiles can make your build more unique together with the right design to match it. However, just like with wood, you should be familiar with maintaining and caring for these materials when facing different weather conditions.


Having an extended outdoor space can give you plenty of options to renovate and improve your home’s exteriors. This is why backyard decks are the first step if you want to add hard and soft landscaping options to your property. With the right preparation and a reliable construction company, your backyard deck can be a stunning addition to your home’s new identity.

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