3 Hardy Plants Perfect For Winnipeg Landscaping: Our Guide

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Among the different areas in Canada that you can live in, one area that landscapers have expressed quite a bit of frustration over is Winnipeg. 

If you were to ask landscape architects and developers about which sector of the industry has it the hardest, they’d most likely tell you that Winnipeg landscapers have it especially had. Given that the area’s climate is freezing cold on a “good day” and rarely sees any proper balance of heat or humidity, it’s easy to see why living in the area while having a dream garden is no walk in the park.

Why landscaping in Winnipeg is especially difficult 

As a resident that has an eye for detail and is keen on living in a beautiful home, you’re probably familiar with just how difficult it is to keep your home’s front in ship shape. 

You see, the city is classified as a zone 3 area—or 3a—because of its significantly colder temperatures that easily reach freezing levels and rarely climb up to let humidity kick in during spring. This classification merits that anything planted in your yard should be cold hardy to withstand a significant challenge that will prove even more difficult as climate change kicks in. 

Hardy plants for immaculate Winnipeg landscaping experiences

With temperatures often reaching freezing-cold levels, you’ve probably experienced the significant frustration of watching your landscaping and plants not emerge the following spring. 

Considering that each attempt to have a nice, luscious yard requires spending quite a bit of time, money, and effort, you’re probably at that point where you only want the best results. Fortunately, working with the right hardy plants will help you lock in the right details for the most attractive landscape possible.

If you want to restore your front yard and home’s plants so that they’re ready to flourish right once spring arrives, here’s a list of top plant choices that Classic Landscapes’ experts have put together for you: 

1. Daylilies (perennial)

One of the most dependable hardy plants that any Winnipeg landscaping company will use when crafting a garden that lasts through even the most frigid of conditions is the daylily. 

While these plants may seem like something straight out of a tropical paradise, they’re extremely durable and even more diverse than one may think. If you want a good variety to improve the overall look and feel of your landscaping, then you’d be better off with something like a “Stella D’oro.” 

2. Ninebark (shrub)

Filling out the space in your landscaping is typically a job for a hardy shrub that can withstand the freezing temperatures throughout the year. Well, it just so happens that the Ninebark is the perfect option for the job.

Typically available in sizes that range from five to eight feet and an assortment of colours like white, dark purple, copper, and lime green, these shrubs are a great choice for adding colour and contrast. With regular proper pruning and clipping, these hardy shrubs will flourish especially well and add much more character to a landscape! 

3. Hawthorne (tree)

When it comes to picking the right trees according to the nuances of landscaping, Hawthornes are exceptional because of how flexible they are when it comes to placement and styling.

Also called the Toba or snowbird, this tree is a perfect alternative to the trusty Maple tree if you want to spice things up in your yard without the risk of having some dead lumber early on. At Classic Landscapes, we love using this tree because it bears beautiful white (or purple) springtime flowers and doesn’t grow beyond 15 feet wide or tall—making it the perfect option to play around with!


Getting some landscaping done in the best way possible can be quite difficult because of the frigid temperatures that the region experiences. By using the three options mentioned above, you won’t need to worry about having your precious plants die out and leave your front yard looking underwhelming ever again! 

Having a perfect yard for your home can always be done with proper consideration and help. If you are looking for professional landscaping companies in Winnipeg, get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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