Four Landscaping Tips In Winnipeg To Improve Your Backyard

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With warmer weather now in full swing in Canada, landscaping in Winnipeg is the ideal spring or summer project that can help you or your family enjoy the sunshine, especially given the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are four tips you can use when it comes to improving your backyard.

1. Use xeriscaping

You might want to use xeriscaping in your house? What is xeriscaping, you might ask? It is a landscaping method that harnesses the native plants typically thriving in a certain given climate. This lessens the irrigation needed because the plants thrive based on what nature gives.

Xeriscaping can help you or your household reduce cost and stress. First, you can check out the plants that work best for the yard or area that you have.

You might want to visit a garden center for this or research online sources first on what plants work best in your house.

2. It is no problem to fake it

Over the years, there have been more households looking for artificial plants. And it is okay, landscaping experts say. In fact, investing in artificial stuff may end up cheaper and more efficient as time goes by.

Consider artificial turf as your ideal solution so you can have a low-maintenance yard that does not have to sacrifice for the color of the lawn, grass, or plants.

3. Consider installing a firepit

Given the pandemic, it seems that a lot of people would have a hard time going back to camping – or at least for the time being. You might want to install a patio and firepit in your house to create that camping feel.

If you plan on making a patio or firepit by yourself, there are many manufacturers online who have resources or guidelines on how these can be installed properly.

It is better, that when you are choosing materials, you should always go for high-quality products that can maximize the longevity of their products.

4. Upcycle the items you have

You should be innovative with the items that you already have in your house. Give them new lives and you can save money.

Try decorating a flower bed using rocks or stones, recycle lumber to create benches that you can sit on during a firepit, or reuse old pots or tins to serve as flower pots and even planters.

“I had a customer who used old tires to make flower beds,” Blain said. “You can find things to reuse on the secondary market, too. Be creative with what you have at your disposal.”

Remember: Patience is the attribute you should have when it comes to landscape design for beginners.

Consider these four ideas, to make your outdoor spaces not only livable, but also more exciting, not just for you, but also for your loved ones and people who are visiting your house.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to message or comment me and we would like you to start a conversation.

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