Covid-19 Response

In response to the covid-19 situation Classic Landscapes has taken several steps to allow us to continue to provide our customers with all of our services. This situation continues to evolve and we will continue to adapt as required to ensure the safety of our staff, our customers, and their families as well as adherence to all government protocols.

At this time, we continue to offer on site consultations for those who are comfortable. For the safety of all involved we have implemented new protocols. This includes screening questions prior to meetings, heightened sanitation procedures, and limiting the amount of meetings per day. We will also not be entering clients homes, keeping our meetings to outdoors only, allowing us to practice safe distancing during meetings.

We have also added the option to do initial consultations via video call. At this time this service is available only to clients with new build houses. Full information about our video consultation option can be seen below.

Our entire landscape design process can also be done remotely. since we work with a digital design software, design drafts, previews, and videos can all be shared via the web.

While this situation is causing some changes to our usual processes, we are continuing to work hard to provide our usual level of customer service to our clients. We are booking projects, and we do expect we will start installing landscapes in early may, as we usually do. We understand that different people will have different comfort levels for interaction during this time, and we are glad to work with you within your comfort level while following our safety protocols. We encourage you to get in touch with us for more information.


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Classic Landscapes is now offering initial consultations via video chat. The video consultation is an interactive experience where we discuss ideas, create an initial design concept, and review material options.

How does it work:

It’s simple! You contact us via phone or email to book a time for your consultation. Once your time is booked you will receive an email letting you know everything that is required on your end. On the day of the consultation, we will email you a link that you can click to join the video call.

During the video call, we listen to your ideas, share our ideas, and give direction. We use screen sharing technology allowing us to digitally mark up your survey drawing creating an initial design concept that you can see in real-time. We walk through material options and make selections. In most cases, the information gathered in this video consult will be enough to create a price proposal for you. If we need additional site information we will stop in at your yard and record the information we need without you having to meet us. A price proposal will be emailed to you within a week of our consultation.

What is required:

In order to participate in a video consultation, the following is required:

  1. The following needs to be emailed to us prior to the meeting:
    – A copy of your survey / lot drawing.
    – Several photos of your property: one from the front edge of the property towards the house, one from the back edge of the property towards the house, and one of each sideyard and any additional photos you think will be helpful for us to see existing site conditions.
    – Any additional photos and information you think will be helpful for us to get an understanding of your style, preferences, and things you want to see in your landscape
  2. Video consultations will be done via Zoom. You do not need to have an account or download the program if you do not want to. We can also use Skype if that is preferred. While a video consultation will work on your phone, we highly recommend using either a tablet or a computer to allow a big enough screen to see clearly. Currently this service is only available to prospective clients with new build houses. There are two mains reasons for this. First, all new builds have a survey drawing, allowing us to create an initial design concept over the survey drawing and to take measurements directly from the drawing. Second, new builds typically have predictable existing site conditions of graded fill, allowing us to gather all the information we need from the survey and a few photos of the property in most cases.Contact us today to book your video consultation!