Important Considerations When Doing Landscape Design – What to Know

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Landscape design is an excellent opportunity for many homeowners to inject value into their homes. However, doing so effectively requires several important factors to first be taken into account.

These considerations will vary from homeowner to homeowner, as not every landscape presents the same set of opportunities and limitations. Different homeowners also have unique needs, meaning that their requirements need to be taken into consideration throughout the design process.

What are these considerations? We’ll outline what those are in the sections below. If you intend to do any form of landscape design in your home, use the information provided below as a guide to help you determine what’s best for your particular situation.

1. Desired Features and Functionality

Before anything else, you need to determine what it is you need and want your landscape to do. These will represent your goals—or “garden goals”, as some people might call them. Take some time to figure these out, as they will heavily affect the rest of the design process.

Some common garden goals include:

  • To be able to grow your own garden and/or food
  • To have an outdoor space that can accommodate and entertain guests
  • To build a landscape that can provide you with privacy and security.

2. Safety Concerns

Another important consideration is the wellbeing of those who will be spending time in your landscape. If you have any pets, then you need to factor them into the decision as well. This is especially important if there are pets, small children, or elderly folk who will be using your outdoor space.

For example, you might need your landscape to have things such as:

  • Slip-resistant flooring to prevent accidents
  • Gates to restrict access to dangerous areas
  • Shade, whether natural or manmade, from the sun

If you have pets, you will also have to consider pet-friendly fixtures and plants that won’t harm your furry friends.

3. Design Limitations

Any homeowners redesigning their yards need to know what limits might restrict their landscape design choices. There are many, and you must include them in your decision so you don’t run into unexpected problems down the road.

These limitations include the following:

  • Budget—landscape projects can range from inexpensive to high-priced
  • Local weather and soil conditions—this will decide which plants you’ll be able to grow
  • Time—plants that require a lot of care may not be the best for busy homeowners

Other Important Considerations

There are also other considerations that don’t necessarily fall under the previous categories that you also have to be mindful of. These are:

Future-proofing your design

You need to be sure that your garden grows in a way that won’t be detrimental to your home. If you’re not careful with placement, your plants might eventually pose a problem that could damage your home or other parts of your garden.

Your own style preferences

It’s important to take the time to look around for what sort of plants and garden elements you want to have in your outdoor space. There are endless possibilities in this regard, and it helps to have a good idea of what’s available so that your landscape is one that will make you happy.


Keep the information we’ve provided above when doing landscape design. You may also work with an expert to guide you through the process and help you find some inspiration.

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