Are You Making These Fall Backyard Landscaping Mistakes?

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Fall Backyard Landscaping

Most people do most of their backyard landscaping in the spring and summer, which is natural; the soil and weather conditions are conducive to plant growth and flourishing. When autumn rolls around, people are unlikely to be embarking on new gardening projects. 

However, just because the months are turning cold does not mean you can forget about fall or winter landscaping. If you own green space, here are late-season landscaping mistakes to avoid, as well as things you should remember to do.

Take care of the lawn during fall

After you mow your lawn for the last time in the warmer months, you still need to keep cultivating it so it is in top shape during the spring. Aeration is essential; remove the thatch that developed during the growing season to help the soil breathe during the colder months.

Do not forget about fertilization, either. Your lawn will need nourishing early in spring, so you need to add fertilizer as early as possible. This is especially true if you use timed formulas. Aside from fertilizing, you should also weed your lawn. When you ignore small weeds now, you give them room to grow during the spring. Before the snow falls, remove as much of it as you can.

Another thing you should ensure is removing the leaves, so the grass gets enough sunshine after the snow melts. When grass is covered in leaves, it misses out on the early springtime sun and might grow slowly.

Do not forget to plant bulbs

If you plan on having tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs, you need to plant these in the fall. They are the earliest spring flowers, and this gives them the time to develop fully. If you miss out on the golden window, though, you can still plant your bulbs. These are not like seeds; they do not survive indefinitely out of the ground. If you have a sack of unplanted bulbs in January, plant them and take your chances. Note, though, that it is still best to plant bulbs in September or October.

Do not cut down everything in your garden

Though many plants need trimming or cutting to encourage them to bounce back in the spring, not all plants need this treatment. Often, plants that provide critical shelter and food for wildlife and insects do not need extensive trimming and pruning. Since different plants have different needs, it is best to look up individual types for the best way to provide care during the colder months. Consult backyard landscaping services providers about which plants need pruning or transplanting, and which ones can be left alone.

Do not store tools without cleaning them

If you are done with your lawn care and maintenance for the year, make sure you clean the dirt off your tools and keep them in a dry place. Doing this ensures that your tools stay in good condition and are ready for use in the spring. Cleaning your tools also serves as a transition from one phase of gardening to another. A set of clean tools will also give your future self more motivation to resume gardening and cultivating.


Forgetting lawn care during the cold months is a big mistake. It could leave your greenery growing every which way in the spring, making your garden look like it is in disarray. Make sure you prepare your lawn adequately for the cold months, so you can greet the spring and summer better when they come.

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