6 Landscaping Improvements to Increase Your Property’s Value

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Curb appeal is often an important factor for many residential owners. Even if you’re not selling off your property, it doesn’t hurt to invest in some landscaping work to improve how your curb looks. Landscaping can add personality and style to your house, and it’s a cost-effective and less time-intensive approach compared to interior remodelling. Think of your landscaping as an effective solution that ties everything that your house has to offer.

The question is, if you want to increase your home’s value, where do you begin? In this article, we will share six landscaping improvements that will help increase your property’s value:

1. Think Green

Your lawn is a vital part of your landscape, and it always needs to be lush and green. Add natural or synthetic turf as this can increase property value and even improve your quality of life. Moreover, a lush lawn can absorb noise and help reduce glare. 

2. Match It To Your Home’s Architecture

Aside from making your curb appeal stand out, you also have to make sure that your landscaping matches the style of your property. For example, if you have a Craftsman-style home, you shouldn’t add any modern elements to it because they will look out of place. 

3. Plant Trees

You can never go wrong with trees; they add shade, help eliminate carbon dioxide, and some can even grow fruits. Trees can make a house feel like home, which will significantly increase your property’s value. 

When picking out trees, identify what purpose you want it to serve, and make sure to consult with an expert before you plant them. This is because when grown, some trees may interfere with power lines, septic system drain fields, and even views from your house, and these can become costly problems that you don’t want to get yourself into in the future. 

4. Keep It Low-Maintenance As Much As Possible

Keep in mind that you can always have beautiful landscaping and keep it low maintenance at the same time. There are many ways that you can achieve this, such as installing synthetic turf instead of natural grass, planting low-maintenance plants, and creating an outdoor space. 

5. Maximize Privacy

If you want to make your property more attractive, you need to make secluded backyards. That means planting evergreens and tall shrubs that can double as a windscreen. When there’s enough privacy in your yard and home, you can make the property even more appealing, especially if you plan to sell it in the future. 

6. Improve Walkways

Walkways have a considerable impact on the appeal of a home. One of the most important ones that you need to pay attention to is the walkway that leads to the front door—make sure it is not cracked, chipped or dirt because it can make a bad impression. Another thing you can do with your walkways is to resurface or reroute them to improve your home’s exterior appearance. Consider lining a path with brick or stone pavers to upgrade its appearance and give it an elegant look and feel. 


At this point, you now realize that landscaping is essential for most homeowners, which is why you need to pay close attention to its features—from the plants that you will use, down to the materials on walkways. Keep in mind that landscaping improvements increase not only your property’s appeal but also its value. 

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