5 Reasons Water Features are Great Additions to Landscape Design

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water fountain in a home backyard

When done well, landscape design can add a significant amount of curb appeal to your property, whether you decide to focus on your main yard, backyard, or both. Features like well-chosen plants, stone arrangements and paving, or larger projects like decking can take your home from looking pretty to being the envy of the neighbourhood. 

Something that homeowners may initially miss when considering different elements to include in their landscaping projects is a water feature. While it might seem unnecessary or even excessive, landscaping water features provide more benefits aside from aesthetically pleasing design elements. 

Here are five reasons why water features are great additions to your landscape design:

Water is Relaxing

Simply looking at water, whether a pond, a stream, or a waterfall, can have positive effects on one’s health. Some findings have shown that water makes people feel meditative, inspired, and calm, all of which contribute to improved physical and mental wellbeing.

Adding water features during a landscape remodel will also mimic elements of nature, which is beneficial for health. Adding a birdbath or a simple pond can introduce the presence of birds, fish, and other small critters to your yard, which is also a great learning opportunity for children. These structures don’t necessarily to be large as long as they stand out in your overall landscape design. 

It Encourages Quality Time with Family

If you pay close attention to hotels, resorts, and even restaurants that try to attract tourists, then you may have noticed that almost all of them have chosen to install a water feature on their premises. This may be in the form of a fountain, a waterfall, glass walls with water, or even simply the pool. Water is naturally attractive to humans because it makes people feel better, which is why many are drawn to water features no matter what they are. 

By installing a water feature in your backyard, you’re creating a focal point for your family. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a conscious gathering, but chances are you’ll start to notice that the water feature gets more attention than the rest of your landscaping elements. This way, families can spend better quality time with each other, whether that’s relaxing in the backyard or actively exploring the different landscaping elements together. 

Water Features Help Reduce Noise Pollution

Water features don’t just look good or make people feel good; they also provide another benefit that can greatly improve your surroundings. The sound that comes from flowing water can absorb noise effectively, thereby reducing the amount of noise pollution present. Not only does it block a majority of the noise, but the soothing sounds that come from flowing, trickling, or rushing water help calm the mind. 

The next time you’re trying to relax in your backyard, only to be disturbed by the perpetual barking or screaming from next door, consider reaching out to your trusted landscapers to install a waterfall. You’ll find that the surrounding noise will be significantly reduced, making your backyard a more pleasant place to spend time in.

Enhances Curb Appeal and Real Estate Value

A waterfall or pond might seem like a humble addition to your backyard, but it can do so much more than just providing aesthetic appeal and a source of relaxation for your family. Along with a well-maintained landscaped garden, water features can help increase a home’s resale value. This is especially true if you’ve hired a professional to complete your landscaping project for you since it keeps your property in the best possible condition, resulting in higher market prices should you decide to sell it.  


Water features in landscaping projects are simple fixtures that nevertheless provide impact to any property. Whether you’re thinking of installing a birdbath, a pond and stream, or the classic waterfall, you’ll reap the multiple benefits of having a water feature in your yard. It provides a sense of calm and peace to promote wellbeing while enhancing your curb appeal, all while reducing the amount of noise pollution you experience. Simpler than swimming pools and other facilities, you can have a landscaper install it quickly and with little effort so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

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