5 Easy Steps to Start Landscaping Your Small Backyard – Our Guide

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grass and tree in a backyard

Your backyard is the extension of your home, which is why you will want it to be useful and functional for you and your family without sacrificing on the visuals. A small backyard, however, can seem limited when it comes to design and landscaping. The good news is that it is still possible to transform your yard into an attractive space⁠ through proper planning and the right design. 

To help you make your backyard look spacious and turn it into a fun and attractive space for everyone, we will share five easy steps that you can follow:

1. Start with a plan

Before anything else, decide on how you will use your backyard. Is it going to be an outdoor play area for the kids? Is it going to be an area for relaxation? Will you use it for family reunions and special occasions?

As you go through this stage, it also helps to take note of the spaces in your small yard and incorporate them into your plan so that you can maximize every little corner. Once you have decided on a function, think of a theme that will go well with it. Then, set a feasible and reasonable budget that will enable you to achieve your goal.

2. Think of your greenery

Plants do help make your backyard look attractive, but it’s not enough to find and add in pretty-looking plants into your small yard just because of their looks. As you go about selecting plants for your yard, always consider its size.

Research on a plant’s height and spread before anything else. It’s also a smart move to choose plants and trees that grow up instead of spreading out. Since you are working with limited space, you want plants that add beauty to your area but do not make it look crowded. Adding hanging baskets and wall-mounted flower pots is another creative way to decorate your yard without taking up lots of ground space.

3. Consider incorporating levels

When designing small spaces, always try to think out of the box. There are many creative ways you can transform your yard, and one of them is through terraced landscaping. This can help make your yard look bigger and designate spaces as well. 

The levels will give you more space for planting, and it can also give your dining area and outdoor fireplace an inspiring twist. This will allow you to have an elevated area and an outdoor fireplace in the middle of your lowered conversation pit.

4. Use multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose items will be your best friend when designing small spaces because they help you save up on precious real estate without sacrificing the functionality of your yard. Your bench can house a storage box under, or perhaps you can use collapsible tables and folding chairs instead of bulky ones.

Considering this, if you can’t go multipurpose, small furniture is another good option as bulky pieces can overcrowd a tiny space.

5. Work on your fences

Make your fences look more appealing by decorating them. For example, you can hang planters on the fence to add more greenery to your yard. Another option would be to totally do away with it (if possible). Without fences, your yard will definitely appear bigger because this supports an unobstructed and continuous view of the landscape.


Space is a big factor when it comes to landscaping a backyard, but you don’t need acres and acres of space to create an attractive backyard. All you need is proper planning, along with the right ideas and the right techniques. If you do not have the skills and the tools to accomplish this landscaping project, you can always hire a professional landscape designer to help you realize your dream yard.

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