5 Do’s & Don’ts When Landscaping Your Backyard

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A well-manicured yard adds vibrancy to an otherwise dull, open space in homes. Not only does it add a colourful touch to your front or back yard, but the landscaping style can also say a lot about your taste.

While good landscaping can visually appealing and improve your home value, a dishevelled look can be an eyesore. Whether you’re hiring a professional landscaping service or want to test out your green thumb, the do’s and don’ts below should help guide you along the way.

1. Do have a plan for the overall look of your landscaping. It’s best to get to know its physical features – from areas that get the best sunlight where you can place your vegetable or flower beds, down to the soil you have to work with. This will help you determine any faulty patches you need to improve and remove obstacles to create more space for other features in your yard.

2. Don’t always think straight when designing your yard. A landscape that’s based on straight lines may be more natural to visualize, but it can add a sense of confinement to your home. Wavy lines, curved borders, and clusters of plants offer more visual impact and add depth to your landscaping. Not to mention, odd lines make more for a natural and welcoming yard.

3. Do think long-term. This means you need to consider the plants you’re planning to care for, including the trees’ size when it reaches its peak maturity. The placement of the trees matters more than you think too.

Planting them too close to your house may seem like a good idea at first as it provides shade, but if the specific tree is known to branch out tall and wide, it’s best to keep it as far from your structure as possible.

4. Don’t rely on flowers that only grow annually. Some flowers enhance the natural beauty of any home – be it perfuming the backyard or boosting a home’s curb appeal. However, some of the breeds only grow and bloom seasonally, which means you’ll be spending more time and effort in nurturing annual plants again the following year.

Focusing on perennial flowers that are either blooming or leafy, on the other hand, offers a better and cost-friendlier choice as you can enjoy their contribution to your garden every year.

5. Do maintain your landscape to ensure your front and back yard remains well-trimmed and hazard-free. For instance, overgrown plants can quickly crowd your home, obscure views from your windows, and increase the risk of developing problems like pest invasions, wood rot, and more.

Some landscaping maintenance is easy to do on your own – from trimming your garden, watering, and getting rid of weeds. Others require the help of a professional gardener, such as removing old or dying trees.

The Bottom Line

Landscaping can complement your home’s exterior style and boost various factors – from its curb appeal to its property value. It adds a warm touch to your space, which is why it is often a must-have for many homeowners.

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