5 Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Your Landscape Design

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brick wall with garden light

Now that you have an attractive landscape, it’s time to work on the lightning. After all, you want to be able to see that beautiful yard you’ve worked so hard on even at night.

However, adding outdoor lighting is more than mere aesthetics. Strategically placed lamps, floodlights, and other light fixtures in specific areas outside your home provide you with plenty of benefits. Here’s five that you shouldn’t miss:

Add Visual Appeal 

Outdoor lighting can accentuate the best aspects of your landscape and other home exterior elements. Bullet and wash lights can easily do the trick, and you can also use other types of lighting as you see fit. Lights can also highlight your trees to emphasize their shape and any specific areas underneath. Outdoor lighting can literally make your landscape shine, which will make it more visually appealing, especially when you have guests over. 

Add More Security

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to deter thieves. A dark home becomes an easy target for break-ins, while sufficient lighting can draw attention to the house that makes it difficult for intruders to go unnoticed. Moreover, outdoor lighting can provide a better view of the area at night., which is particularly helpful for CCTV systems, roving guards, and other security measures.

Add More Safety

Outdoor lights can reduce the chances of accidents in the area, especially when you host a party or an outdoor activity in the evening. This can be particularly problematic if you have small children or elderly people living with you, as it can be difficult to keep an eye on their movements all the time. In some cases, a lack of sufficient lighting can also make you liable for any accidents that occur on the property. 

Add More Value

Regardless of whether you’re selling your house or not, outdoor lighting can add more value to your home. As mentioned, it can add to its visual appeal as it enhances the best features of your yard and your home exterior. Moreover, lights may also add a bit of space and dynamic form to your exterior. If you’re selling your house, a well-lit home will look more attractive to potential buyers, allowing you to sell the property quickly and for a potentially higher price. 

Add More Functionality

A poorly lit area in your home won’t be able to provide much use, particularly at night. This means that you’d be effectively making your property “smaller” in a sense once the sun goes down. With sufficient lighting outside, you get more space to enjoy your home in different ways. For instance, you could use your outdoor patio to host an evening dinner with friends or set up a hammock in your backyard to relax with your family under the stars.


When you put the time, effort, and money to construct a beautiful landscape design, it’s only right to ensure that you get to enjoy it even at night. Keep in mind that your home deserves the best light, and adding outdoor lighting will give you more benefits that you can enjoy. 

Once you decide to install outdoor lighting, remember to work with a landscape designer so that you can make the best choices. Your designer would know precisely the best types of lights to use and where to place them in order to bring your outdoor spaces to life.

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