4 Key Factors to Consider When Installing Artificial Grass

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Many homeowners are looking to install artificial grass in their yard or lawn. Why? This green synthetic turf is an excellent alternative to natural grasses, as it serves various functional purposes and enhances the beauty of your property. With this turf in place, you can take advantage of its aesthetic value, pet-friendly feature, less environmental impact, affordable cost, easy installation, and less maintenance. However, there are a few considerations to make when it comes to artificial turf.

Here are four crucial factors to consider when installing artificial grass for your garden design in Winnipeg.

1. Choose the artificial grass suited for your needs

Before you invest in synthetic turf, ask yourself why you’re planning to do so in the first place. Maybe, you want to enhance your backyard, have a playing field for your dog and children, or have a perfect layout for your sports. Whatever your specific reason is, be sure to purchase a turf that truly meets your needs. You don’t want to regret later on when the artificial grass has been installed.

2. Have a drainage system set in place

The drainage system is of utmost concern among many homeowners. Households pay special attention to this, particularly if they live in a flood zone or have outdoor pets. Before installing the artificial grass, you must have a blueprint of how the water will run through the turf and into your drainage system. If your yard has a slope, you need to ensure the water flows down to prevent flooding.

3. Have the right top infill once installed

Once your artificial turf is installed, it’s imperative to have the right top infill as it’s crucial to its endurance and longevity. The infill is poured onto the top of the grass using silica sand and brushed into the surface. When applying your infill, you can use a power broom or a regular broom. The ultimate goal is to give your synthetic grasses a sturdy base that can last for so long. 

4. Set long-term maintenance in place

While artificial turf requires less maintenance, there are a few cleaning tips you must perform. One, you may need to use a power broom service after a few years when your blades of grass start to droop. You can utilize a broom, brush, or rake to perform it yourself. Two, you have to use a liquid enzyme meant to get rid of bacteria from the grasses. You can apply this at least once a month, depending on the area and its frequency of use. That’s all that it takes to maintain your artificial turf!


There are a few key things to consider before you commit to artificial grass installation. From prior planning to aftercare and maintenance, the four factors outlined above can impact your synthetic turf in the long run. If you commit to properly installing and taking good care of your artificial grass, the results will speak for themselves and last for many years.

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