3 Best Landscape Designs to Select From for Your Yard

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Landscape Designs

When it comes to pursuing a home renovation project, incorporating the right designs plays a crucial factor in the overall outcome. It is the element that will help you translate your home vision into reality. The chances are that you need to think of a design theme before pulling off all the details and carrying out the actual work. Remember that all these elements you’ll incorporate should revolve around this central design to develop a successful landscape project!

Don’t you know how to proceed with the renovation? Fret not, as we’ve prepared the three best designs you may want to consider for your landscape project:

1. Zen garden

The Zen approach has been all the rage these days, whether for a bathroom renovation or a yard transformation. Almost every household wants to have a place to commune with nature, relax, and find serenity. For this reason, the best way to achieve this peace and harmony is to have a Zen garden in your yard.

If you want to attain this design theme, be sure to have various shrubs and plants with surrounding trees because the greeneries will give you a sense of peace and relaxation just by looking at them. If it helps, you can even install a water feature as its sounds will provide you with a calming and relaxing effect. Ultimately, a Zen garden can give you a place worth staying at on your own residential property as you escape the stresses of the outside world.

2. Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean garden style is so popular as a landscape design for a yard, particularly in the countrysides of France, Greece, Italy, and even in Canada. It is notable for its soft colours, gravel paths, bright tiles, clipped hedges, and informal planting, which enhances your yard appeal.

If you want to achieve this overall look and appearance, be sure to install winding pathways and paving stones. While you’re at it, plant various plants and shrubs with different colours to keep the surroundings lively and colourful. Keep in mind that your yard won’t be complete without a pergola. This will ultimately be a great addition where the entire household and your guests can sit down, chill, and have a great outdoor time!

3. Classic European 

When it comes to European landscapes, the design focus should always be on your yard’s shapes, lines, and focal features. Along with these is the green landscape with various sprinkles of colours. Not only are they relaxing, but they are also absolutely gorgeous.

To bring your Classic European design to life, be sure to have plenty of shaped hedges and colourful bushes. While you’re at it, have geometrically designed and strategically positioned pathways with some focal, prominent features throughout your yard. All these elements will bring your otherwise dull and boring yard back to life!


At this point, we’ve covered the three best landscape designs that you can choose from for your renovation project. Whether it’s a Zen garden, a Mediterranean style, or a Classic European, you can transform your yard into something more aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for you and your family. Ultimately, you’ll be able to kick your property’s curb appeal and overall home value up a notch!

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